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"The Tooth Fairy," by Graham Joyce.
"The Changeling Sea" by somebody.

"The Tooth Fairy" amuses me. It's like being 15 again, only a boy this time around. Thank you Justin for recommending it.

"The Changeling Sea" is...interesting. I love the fact that it's only about 140 pages long and can fit in my back pocket. Sweet little YA fantasy novel. Cute.

I'm still torn between whether or not I liked "Perdido Street Station" (China Mieville) or whether I want to throw the book at Mr. Mieville. It had a bunch of stuff I liked, but I wish I hadn't finished reading it. The last 50 pages or so undid all the liking that he (really had to work hard for) earned in the first 700-odd pages. Grim, grim, grim. I like some hope at the end of a story.


the writing.

I'm still working on the '02 NaNoWriMo novel. I did finish the draft - topped out at 415 pages, 100,000-and-change words. Need to revise it and get it in the mail but that effort is going very very slowly.

Working on a pr0n story for fun. No intent to publish. Will likely only ever see the light of day on a small handful of readers' computer monitors.

Mostly working on the pr0n because it lets me say I'm writing, when I'm avoiding the novel.

I'll get there.
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5 months later...

Short story rejected, novel still not finished, embarking yet again on an attempt at college (come September). Need to actually use this journal for what I created it for, which wasn't the random silliness that I use my other journal for.

Will update later, when I'm not at work. For now just throwing something up to get it active again.

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Woo. I finished Chieftain last week, and will put it in the mail Tuesday evening. I've almost crossed 60k on Seventh Day, hoping to finish that up by the middle of March, with revisions and submission by the end of May.

Landed a few steals on some medieval France reference books for my next project, and I love my health club membership! Rewarding myself in March with a new swimsuit, for a month of health club-going (and for hopefully dropping a swimsuit size).

Onward to work on Seventh Day.

Finished Tom's novel


22 long, rough chapters. Good story, not my preferred genre.

I did learn several things working on his novel, though, including that I don't enjoy reading books where every plot is wrapped up neat and tidy in one chapter. Will be sure to spread conclusions out in my work.

Credit Card situation update

I spoke with a bank rep this afternoon, and discovered the bank NEVER flagged my credit card as lost, stolen, or otherwise.

What's that mean?

That the hotel staff of the Boston Park Plaza a) lied to me about bank statements regarding my card, and b) stole my credit card.

Debatably, they also threatened me physically, sending four security guards to my room at 6 a.m.

I'm not sure what to do. Call the Boston Police? Contact Arisia's con committee and let them know what happened, maybe they'll sever their contract with the Park Plaza? Contact newspapers and TV stations to give the story? Better Business Bureau? Call the hotel and indulge in a healthy bitch session?

All of the above?

Bank stopped all payments on my card, and the payment for the hotel hadn't gone through when the card was frozen. Wonder if that means I get out of paying for the room.

I'm so furious I'm shaking.

Links for revised short story research (for sake of my memory, and your unasked-for information!)
*note to self: make use of birds, look up other native australian animals for a menagerie? Sanje was a great hunting cat delivered with a few birds for Vialweh's collection.
*reference to Aboriginal magic, specifically love & healing magic. self-note: need to revisit and draw Sanje's transformation from this. Possibly his sentence, also? relegated to the sky, so Vialweh couldn't reach him to heal him herself? hrm. Need some villainous magic. Back to the hunt I go!
*Kinda new-agey and fru-fru, but it's made me want wind chimes in this short story. And I could see the villain using some violent music and chants to get his stuff done. Hmm.

My villain is a bone-pointer! Woo!
*note to self, bone pointers section of article.

After a long and (mostly) fruitless search I gave up on ancient architecture. Think I'll just have a wealthy ruler who lives in a palace carved from mountains, his people fed and maintained by nomads who don't have permanent homes. Hmm.

I have about 8k words to play with, with this story. Might go on the shorter side. Even 5k words could be a $300 check if I manage to sell it at

Er...I should get some real office work done, so I'll have a paycheck next month.

Mystery date (or, Girls' Night Out)

Elisa has roped me into going into Boston tomorrow, for fun in the arctic wind "with a group of people." She won't tell me what we'll be doing. I'll have to shave my legs and do something with my hair besides brush it. Aieee!

I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm went off today with an inkling of a scene for a Young Adult novel. Yay teen fight on a basketball court. Also had an idea for a romance genre article on romance and steam punk. Would help maybe if I knew anything about YA novels or steam punk, wouldn't it?

Nonfiction article to be e-pubbed.

This'll be my second nonfiction article to appear in "Vision," Holly Lisle's e-zine for writers (at )

Wrote it, submitted it, and received acceptance in the course of 8 hours!

If I could only do that for paying markets...

Reached 43k on "Seventh Day" tonight. Tomorrow, goal is to plug some setting and action into the dialogue between Serpent and Eve, and wrap up the new Chapter 1.

After that? *quake* I have no idea.

I did come up with a last-line for the novel...unfortunately, Sarah in "Labyrinth" already used it. Sigh.